Corona measures Croatia

You can go on vacation to Croatia again

Date: 25.08.2020

The local goverment has measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus. Guests from Great Britain are required to spend 14 days in quarantine if they return from Croatia.

Croatia is one of the European countries hardly affected by corona and is therefore currently a popular holiday destination. The campsites are open, as are all facilities such as swimming pools, beaches, restaurants, museums, etc. Of course, as in the Netherlands, a number of measures have been taken. For example, social distancing for adults and special attention to hygiene. Slovenia may travel for your trip if the country is left within 24 hours. Croatia is a safe and ideal vacation destination for this year.

Campsites in Croatia

The campsites in Croatia are open. To enter Croatia, you need proof that you have booked accommodation (the voucher). To cross the border faster, it is advisable to fill out the Croatian government form: https: //entercroatia.mup. Hour . The campsites have taken measures to receive you safely and responsibly. This contains:

  • Simple reception on arrival
  • Cleaning the accommodations with certified disinfectants
  • Accommodations that are specially ventilated
  • Common areas are cleaned regularly
  • Queues for the facilities
  • Redesign of the restaurants, expansion of take-away options
  • Provision of disinfectants in different places
  • Personnel wear protective equipment
  • Wear mouth masks when there is no distance. It is compulsory in public transport and museums, shopkeepers determine themselves, in restaurants not at the table, but when entering and leaving.
  • Animations and facilities such as the swimming pool are adapted to state measures
  • No major events (e.g. evening shows)
  • Promote contactless payments
  • Implementation and compliance protocols if contamination is suspected

General Covid-19 Measures Croatia

Borders open up From 28/5 (provided you have your accommodation voucher!)
keep distance 1.5 meters (from 18 years)
groups up to 40 people
Give hands No
Supermarkets open
Outdoor sports Allowed
Markets Allowed
Beaches, lakes open
Mouth masks Recommended inside
Swimming pool open
Bars, restaurants and terraces open
Museums open

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