Corona measures Italy

You can go on vacation to Italy again

Date: 08-10-2020

Italy allows tourists again. Entry and exit restrictions have been lifted. You may be checked for symptoms at the border. Local measures against the spread of the coronavirus have also been relaxed. You can go on vacation to Italy.

As of today there is a general mouth mask requirement in Italy. This applies to everyone, all guests of all nationalities.

People who have stayed in Croatia and Spain during the 14 days prior to their arrival in Italy are required to: submit to a certificate to the competent authorities, stating that they have undergone a molecular or antigenic test, to be carried out by means of a swab, within 72 hours prior to entering the Italian national territory, with negative results.

Campsites in Italy

You are welcome to campsites in Italy again. Of course, the campsites themselves have taken measures to receive you safely and responsibly. This contains:

  • sober reception on arrival
  • Cleaning the accommodations with certified disinfectants
  • The accommodations are specially ventilated
  • Common areas are cleaned more often
  • Queue management for the facilities
  • Redesign of the restaurants, expansion of take-away options
  • Provision of disinfectants in different places
  • Personnel wear protective equipment
  • Hold 1 meter away
  • The staff is authorized to measure your temperature
  • Between 18:00 in the evening and 6:00 in the morning when you're between people wearing a mouth mask
  • Animations and facilities such as the swimming pool are adapted to state measures
  • no major events (e.g. evening shows)
  • Promote contactless payments
  • Implementation and compliance protocols if contamination is suspected

At the campsite, you must follow local safety regulations. As this information varies depending on the destination and / or campsite and also changes regularly, we recommend that you consult the campsite's official website before you leave.

General guidelines Italy

Borders open up Yes (borders of other countries are not always open!)
keep distance 1 meter, 2 meter sports activities
groups up to 3 people
Give hands No
Supermarkets to open
Outdoor sports Individual sports activities inside and outside are permitted with restrictions
Markets Allowed
Beaches, lakes open with restrictions
Mouth masks Yes
Swimming pool open with restrictions
Bars, restaurants and terraces open with restrictions
Museums open with restrictions

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Information about Developments with regard to travel to and within Italy can be found on the website for Italian Tourism