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Île-de-France is considered one of the historical regions in the north of France. This region is economically very strong and important for the country with Paris as the capital for tourist flow. Also, the Île-de-France region is the most densely populated region in France. As Île-de-France has become more of an urbanized region, this region attracts on average more tourists who like cities and liveliness than tourists who like to spend their vacations in quiet surroundings. No moment of boredom can be present in Île-de-France.

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Overview photo of the swimming pool at Roan camping Le Chêne Gris.
Le Chêne Gris

France - North of France - Île-de-France - Pommeuse

  • Disneyland Paris is just a 20-minute drive away
  • Swimming pool with slide and indoor pool
  • Fun activities in and around the campground

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Our campsites in Île-de-France

In Île-de-France we offer the campsite Le Chêne Gris. The campsite possesses plenty of activity facilities to make your camping vacation unforgettable. Guests can enjoy a beautiful pool complex with a heated outdoor pool and an indoor pool. Camping Le Chêne Gris has a convenient location in the north of France allowing day trips to the city of Paris and Disneyland Paris with an acceptable travel time for an unforgettable camping vacation at Le Chêne Gris!

Sightseeing in Île-de-France

No shortage of sights and attractions on a camping vacation in Île-de-France. You can visit some world-famous monuments and the region has an abundance of castles and palaces. In Île-de-France, there are a lot of attractions that are priorities to visit and can be perfectly combined on a day trip:

  • The world-famous Eiffel Tower is among the French and tourists the most impressive attraction in the capital Paris. You have the option of taking an elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower where a stunning view of the capital city of Paris awaits! The Eiffel Tower is also beautiful after dark because of the light show you can watch within a certain time slot.
  • The Louvre Museum is another attraction you must have seen when visiting the capital city of Paris. You can recognize the museum in the city by the shape of a pyramid. This museum attracts a lot of attention due to the presence of the artwork Mona Lisa and Venus of Milo.
  • Just outside the capital city of Paris, you can visit the breathtaking Versailles palace. This palace is considered by people to be one of the most charming palaces in the world due to its beautiful interior and the area of gardens that are a part of the Versailles palace.
  • An iconic cathedral in the capital city of Paris is Notre-Dame. In 2019, this gem was badly damaged by a major fire, leading to great sadness among the French. However, this cathedral remains in the hearts of the French and tourists continue to find it an impressive monument.
  • Île-de-France is also a paradise for children because of Disneyland Paris. This amusement park is world famous and attracts many families each year because of its appearance and the presence of both spectacular and children's attractions. Children can cuddle or take pictures with famous Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. And adults can take on the challenge of trying out spectacular attractions.  
  • Montmartre is a famous neighborhood in the capital city of Paris on a hill. This neighborhood attracts many tourists because of the white basilica Sacré-Cœur on top of the hill. Many artists also live in this neighborhood, so there may be the opportunity to have a portrait of yourself taken by an artist on the street. The stairs to the top may be more intense for some people than others.
  • In the capital city of Paris, the Arc de Triomphe is another iconic landmark. This monument is in the shape of an arch and is a tribute to the soldiers who led France to victories during World War I. A flame is lit daily to commemorate the fallen.
  • For music lovers, a music-related museum can be found, namely The Musée de la Musique. In this museum in the capital city of Paris, you can study such musical instruments and works of art. Furthermore, workshops for adults are available. 
  • In addition to attractions in the capital Paris, there are other gems in Île-de-France. The castle of Rambouillet used to be a royal residence and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a green forest. If you are in need of quiet place, a visit to this castle is a good choice during a camping vacation in Île-de-France.
  • In the capital city of Paris, you can store well for clothes and accessories. The long street Champs-Élysée enjoys many facilities such as famous and luxury stores, cinemas, cafes and restaurants making it one of the most famous and expensive streets in the world.

Climate in Île-de-France

In Île-de-France, there is a temperate maritime climate. This means mild to warm summers with peaks above 30 degrees Celsius. During the summer, you don't have to worry about regular precipitation. Winters, on the other hand, are fairly cold with temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius with chances of frost and snowfall. For the most sunlight, the months of April through September are the most advisable.

Travel in Île-de-France

The infrastructure of Île-de-France is well organized. You can get around well in both the cities and surrounding areas in the region. In the capital Paris, the metro and streetcar are the most  user-friendly because of the good and fast connections within the city of Paris and surrounding areas. Paris has more than 300 metro stations, so you can catch the metro at any time. The bus is also an option as a means of transportation within the capital city of Paris but is not recommended due to the crowded roads in the capital city of Paris. A rental car is also possible in the capital Paris and other locations in Île-de-France. The capital Paris can be very busy on the roads and parking in the city center is also very pricey. You also have a regional train system that connects the capital Paris with the surrounding area to cover longer distances faster.

Dishes in Île-de-France

In Île-de-France you are going to find culinary traditions mostly at restaurants and cafes. Some dishes and pastries to try during a camping vacation in  Île-de-France: Croissant, Escargot (snail dish), baguette (French baguette), quiche (savory tart), ratatouille (stewed vegetables), macarons (almond cookies) and fromages (types of cheeses). A French red or white wine pairs well with the culinary dishes. 

Important information and useful tips

Are you looking for useful tips and information for your camping vacation in Île-de-France? On our France page you will find under the heading 'more information' all kinds of useful information and tips.