Extras to book


Are you going on holiday soon? If so, you will see for yourself just how much stuff you need to take with you. And the car only has a limited amount of space! Don't worry! Roan provides plenty of handy extras at the accommodations so you don't have to bring everything along with you! Just make sure you book these useful extras beforehand!

Are you travelling with another family or do you want to take your four-footed pal on holiday with you? Check out our options now!

If you have already booked your holiday but would like to book some extras, please contact us by email or ring us. We will ensure that all the extras you have booked beforehand are available on arrival. 

Check out all our extras here, leave all your worries behind and enjoy your holiday! You can see the current price of the extras during booking your holiday.

€ 99,- per mobile home
Do you want to be sure of the best pitch at the campsite? By taking
out the preferred pitch, you can be sure that you will be allocated to
the pitch of your choice. A combination of the
preferred pitch and the Next door Guarantee is not possible.
Next-door guarantee
€ 30,- per accommodation
Travelling with 2 or 3 families and you would like to stay next
to eachother? That’s possible if all families book the same
accommodation and same holiday period.
For € 30 per accommodation, at many campsites, we can guarantee
you a pitch next to your friends or family (max. 3 accommodations,
same accommodation, same holiday period). Please note that the term "side-by-side" also includes accommodations located opposite each other, back-to-back, diagonally opposite, etc. In other words, there must be no accommodation between you and the other family.

€18,00 Singlelinen
€29,00 Doublelinen
Single pack:
1 pillowcase,
1 single duvet,
1 sheet, 1 towel
Double pack:
2 pillowcases,
2 single duvets,
1 sheet, 2 towels
All Supremes have bed linen included already. 

€8,00 set of 2 pieces (140x70 cm)
All Supremes have towels included already. 

€12,00 set of 2 pieces (180x100cm)
(except camping Le Chêne Gris)
€4,00 set of 2 pieces (50x35cm)
Mobile homes Supreme Plus Lounge and Supreme Lounge are equipped with free bathmats (except camping de Schatberg).
Cot (excl. mattrass)
€ 2,- per night
This travel cot
does not include a mattress. However, it includes a soft, thin layer
that comes with the baby cot (120x60 cm). Bed linen and blankets are not
included so you need to bring your own.
€ 2,- per night
€ 3,- per night
A stroller is really convenient for transporting your toddlers around
the campsite or on day trips! So why not hire one of our comfortable,
sturdy strollers and explore the area?
Bed guard
You can rent the bed guard if your child does not sleep in a
cot anymore but you want them to be safe in the ‘big bed’. The bed
guard is approximately 1 meter long and you clamp it under the
mattress. The guard extends about 20 centimetre above the mattrass.

Pull-along wagon
€ 3,- per night
At many campsites you can rent the pull-along wagons. On the
campsite pages is indicated if you can rent a pull-along wagon.

€ 9,- per night 
You can have your pet with you on campsites where pets are
allowed. Pets are allowed only in our tents and lodge tents Holiday. While
making your reservation you need to mention if you are going to
travel with your pet.
Pets in campings Le Capanne to be paid on the spot.
€ 2,- per night

Linen packs, bath towels and beach towels cannot be hired on the spot and cannot be taken to a following destination.

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