Before making a booking

Do I get an option to make a new booking without any conditions attached to it?

This is possible. We are happy to give you an option for up to 5 days (incl. Saturday and Sunday). You may either call us or send us an emai lto inform us if you decide to approve or cancel your option. You can arrange an option for a maximum of one working day within a month before arrival.

Can we state our preference?

You may also state any preferences you may have. Our staff will do their utmost best to take your preferences into account when planning their campsite schedules. There is no charge for stating your preferences. However, we can never guarantee your preference but we promise to do our best!

However, we do guarantee the Next to each other guarantee and the Pitch guarantee. If, for whatever reason, your preference cannot be fullfilled, you will not be informed beforehand.

What are the reservation charges at Roan?

The reservation fee is £ 19,-.

Can we only arrive on Saturdays at Roan?

At Roan you can check in and out on Saturdays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the lowseason. In highseason (06/06/20 - 05/09/20) you can check in and out on Saturdays, Mondays and Thursdays. 

At our Croatia campsites, campsite Playa Montroig, Cala Gogo, Playa Brava, La Sirene, La Masia, Vilanova Park, Domaine de la Noguière, Les Méditerranées Beach Garden, Les Sablons, Mas des Lavandes, L'Etoile d'Argens, Les Mouettes, Le Val de Bonnal, Villaggio Europa, Spiaggia e Mare, Sant' Angelo, Ca Savio, Tahiti, Le Capanne, Norcenni Girasole, Piantelle, San Vito / Cisano, Bella Italia and Altomincio Family Park you can check in and out on Saturdays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout during all season. You can check in and out of Pra'delle Torri on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays throughout during all season (between 22/04/20 and 23/05/20 and from 05/09/20 till the end of the holiday season Saturday arrival and departure is also possible). Daily arrival and departure at Roompot Beach Resort and Le Croix du Vieux Pont. At De Schatberg; daily arrival and departure except Tuesday.

Is there a surcharge for more than 4 people?

Our basic tariff is based on 4 persons. The following surcharges apply: £ 2 per night for the 5th person, £ 3 per night for the 6th person, and £ 4 per night for the 7th person. The surcharge at Bijela Uvala and Zelena Laguna campsite for the 6th person is £ 7. The surcharge at Pra’delle Torri campsite for the 6th person which varies from £ 3,5 to £ 11 per night (pay on spot). The surcharge at Domaine du Verdon campsite for the 7th person is £ 8. At Bijela Uvala, Zelena Laguna, Union Lido, Mediterraneo, Les Sablons, Marina di Venezia and Portofelice campsites, a surcharge of £ 8 per night is charged for the 7th person.

What things do we still have to pay for on the spot at the campsite?

You are required to pay tourist tax in all countries. Count on between € 0,50 and € 1,- per person per day. Children are often free or half price (Terme Catez campsite charges an extra fee of € 1.25 to 2.50 per day for children aged 6 and over).

At some campsites in Croatia (A.o. Porto Sole, Vestar, Polari, Krk, Belvedere Trogir, Solaris Beach Resort and Zaton Holiday Resort), you pay a so-called registration fee of +/- € 1 per person (for the duration of your stay, not per day). Some campsites charge an extra fee for the use of various facilities, such as the swimming pool or the parking lot. If applicable, these surcharges are clearly stated on the camping pages in question.

You are also required to pay a deposit of € 100,- in cash, which will be refunded to you if you leave your accommodation in a clean and tidy state on departure. Our staff will provide you with free cleaning products, if desired. You may also have to pay a deposit for using the pool facilities or at the gate entrance to the campsite. If you depart before 7:00 am, the € 100,- deposit you paid on arrival will be refunded to your account once your accommodation has been checked and deemed clean and tidy.

Are pets allowed at Roan?

You can have your pet with you on campsites where pets are allowed. Pets are allowed only in our tents and lodge tents. While making your reservation you need to mention if you are going to travel with your pet. The fee is £ 7,- per night. In all our mobile homes pets are not allowed.

Which extras can I add to my booking?

We thought about everything with Roan!  You can book the following essentials: stroller, cot, pull-along wagon, highchair, beachtowels, towels, your pet, the next-door guarantee and the pitch-guarantee.

Are the facilities at the campsite open at all times?

Especially in off-season, you have to take it in to account that the facilities such as swimming pool, entertainment or restaurant are not open (anymore). Sometimes campsite owners can decide to open certain facilities later or to close them earlier. We try as much as possible to give the correct opening dates but take no responsibility for the eventual inaccuracies.

Is barbecuing allowed everywhere?

Almost all our campsites include barbecue facilities. If charcoal is allowed, you will find a free charcoal barbecue at your accommodation. However, if charcoal is not permitted but gas is, we will provide you with a free gas BBQ (including gas cylinder). Some campsites have a central barbecue area and some campsites do not allow barbecues because of drought hazards. If this is the case, you will find a luxury griddle at your accommodation. Our campsite pages include important information about the type and availability of barbecues at your chosen campsite.

What are the rules for the swimming pool?

In some pools, especially in Italy, a swimming cap must be worn at all times. Sometimes a cap or a bandana is sufficient. Some campsites in France do not permit swimming shorts but require men and boys to wear fitted swimming trunks. Check the water recreation section on our camping pages to see which type of swimwear is allowed. Please note that swimming pools at some campsites are closed at midday (siesta), for example, from 1 pm to 3 pm.

What is the difference between a Verde and a Casa Adria mobile home?

The Casa Adria mobile home is the accommodation offered by our sister organisation, Go4Camp. This accommodation offers you the same service and quality that you always get from Roan. Apart from the colour, there is no difference between these accommodations! (The Mobile home Casa Adria is extra equipped with a microwave.)

What is the difference between a Excellent and a Casa Royal mobile home?

The Casa Royal mobile home is the accommodation offered by our sister organisation, Go4Camp. This accommodation offers you the same service and quality that you always get from Roan. Apart from the colour, there is no difference between these accommodations!

What is the difference between a (RO) bungalow tent and a (GO) bungalow tent?

The (GO) bungalow tent is the accommodation offered by our sister organisation, Go4Camp. This accommodation provides the same service and quality that you always get from Roan. Apart from the colour, there is no difference between these accommodations! 

What is included in the price?

The following is included in the rental price of your accommodation: the actual rent of your accommodation, gas, water, electricity, pitch fees and VAT. Prices are based on a maximum of 4 persons. The price excludes £ 19 reservation fees per booking.

What is the difference between a Largo and a Casa Grande mobile home?

The Casa Grande mobile home is the accommodation offered by our sister organisation, Go4Camp. This accommodation offers you the same service and quality that you always get from Roan. Apart from the colour, there is no difference between these accommodations!

Tourist tax

You are required to pay tourist tax on arrival. This can be done at the reception area or with one of our representatives. In some cases, small children are free. Some campsites may require you to hand over your passport at the main reception area. This will be returned to you once you have paid the tourist tax or on your departure. At campsites Playa Brava, Bijela Uvala, Zelena Laguna, Lanterna Premium Camping Resort, Bi-Village and Park Umag you pay the tourist tax and registration fee with booking. Tip: many campsites accept a Camping Card instead of a passport.

Can we book an accommodation next to each other with Roan?

For € 30 per accommodation, you are guaranteed of being located next-door to your friends or family (max. of 3 accommodations, same accommodation, same holiday period). “Next-door” also includes being located “opposite each other”, “back-to-back” or “diagonally
opposite each other”. In highly exceptional cases, we may not be able to honour our guarantee and in such a case, you are entitled to € 120 return on each accommodation (not available at all campsites). If a Pitch-Guarantee is possible on an accommodation, it is not possible to book the Next-door-guarantee.

Can I choose my own pitch on the campsite?

By choosing for our Pitch-Guarantee you will be assured of the best pitch of your choice. If you book before 1 October you only pay € 50 for your selected pitch on our campsites! After this period the cost for this option will be € 99,-. Whether the Pitch-Guarantee is possible for your desired mobile home and campsite can be seen on the specific campsite pages. On these campsite pages the accommodation overview results will display the special Pitch-Guarantee
logo when this Roan service is an option. The Roan Pitch-Guarantee can be booked until 1st of March 2020. A combination of the Pitch-Guarantee and the Next-door Guarantee is not possible.

Can we book a final cleaning?

If you prefer, we can do the final cleaning for you. You must reserve our final cleaning service directly at the time of booking. Final cleaning costs are € 40 for a tent and a Holiday Lodge tent and € 55 for a Woody Lodge tent and all types of mobile homes (final cleaning is included in our Supreme Lounge mobile homes). At some campsites, the final cleaning is mandatory. Final cleaning fees will be charged at the time of booking.

About your existing booking

When do I have to make the advance payment?

Your deposit (30% of the total sum) must be paid prior to the date stated on the booking confirmation. You can do this payment by banker's draft. The remaining amount has to be paid 8 weeks before departure. If you book within 8 weeks of your arrival, then the total amount has to be paid together at one time.

When do I receive my travel documents?

After we have received your payment in full, we will send you the vouchers by e-mail or by post, 28 days prior to the start of your holiday.

Can I change my booking?

You can always change your booking. In some cases there are additional costs attached with it. There isn’t any extra fee for: 

  • additional people
  • additional extras
  • additional nights
  • additional insurances

Of course you do pay for the extra number of people, extras etc. There aren’t any surcharges if the booking is changed to another period, provided that at least the total amount remains the same. If the total amount becomes less, then the cancellation charges have to be paid for the difference. If there is a cancellation for the number of nights (or for previously booked extras or people), then the cancellation fee is applicable only for that part. There is a fee attached to it though. See above.

Can I cancel my booking (partially)?

You can cancel your booking free of charge until 1 February 2020. Your deposit must be paid prior to the date stated on your confirmation. However, it will be refunded to your account if you cancel before 1 February 2020. If you cancel after this date, you are required to pay cancellation fees (see Travel Conditions). If you decide to cancel part of your booking, you will have to pay a cancellation fee for the nights you cancel. N.B.: It is not always possible to lengthen or shorten your holiday. However, if you do so, you may be charged a cancellation fee since we strive to ensure that our accommodations are occupied at all times.

Till when can I still book extras?

Basically you can still book for extras till the day of departure (provided that it’s available).

Can I find all my bookings in 'My Roan'?

All bookings made in previous years can also be found in your own Roan account.

When you have subsequently booked 2 or more reservations, for example when you combine two campings or go when you are going on holiday with several families at the same time, you will unfortunately only see the 1st booking. We are aware of this technical defect.

About Roan Camping Holidays

Is Roan a British organization?

Roan is a Dutch organization, established in 1986. Almost 70% of our guests are Dutch. Besides that, our guests are from Denmark, Germany, Switserland, United Kingdom and Belgium. Roan Camping Holidays is part of the European Camping Group.