Mobile homes

All our mobile homes are spacious, exceptionally comfortable and of top quality. They all come equipped with free air conditioning and a large, wooden decking. No smoking or pets are allowed in our mobile homes. All the bedroom windows also have insect screens so that you can leave your windows open on a hot summer's day without worrying about flies and mosquitoes. Ideal!

Supreme Lounge

Air con/decking/Sat TV/dishwasher

  • Roan's most luxurious accommodation
  • Big lounge sofa and verandah with slatted roof
  • 3 spacious bedrooms for max 7 persons


Air con/decking/Sat TV

  • Most popular Roan accommodation
  • Includes semi-covered verandah and private BBQ
  • 3 bedrooms for up to 7 persons

Prestige Lounge

Air con/decking/Sat TV/dishwasher

  • Part of our luxury range
  • Covered verandah with large lounge sofa
  • 3 comfortable bedrooms for max 7 persons

Vision Lounge

Air con/decking/Sat TV/dishwasher

  • Newest accommodation in our Lounge series
  • Spacious covered verandah with lounge sofa
  • 3 modern bedrooms for max 7 persons


Air con/decking

  • Enjoy excellent accommodation at a fair price!
  • Wooden semi-covered verandah and private BBQ
  • 2 bedrooms for up to 6 persons

Verde Relax

Air con/decking

  • Fully equipped with beautiful terrace
  • Covered wooden verandah with lounge sofa
  • 2 bedrooms for up to 6 persons

Excellent Lounge

Air con/decking/Sat TV

  • The most popular Lounge accommodation for years
  • Semi-covered verandah with superb lounge sofa
  • 3 full-sized bedrooms for up to 7 persons

Excellent Relax

Air con/decking/Sat TV

  • Fully equipped accommodation with relax sofa
  • Includes (semi) covered verandah and private BBQ
  • 3 bedrooms for up to 7 persons

Verde Lounge

Air con/decking

  • Comfort is key in this Lounge model
  • Fully covered verandah with lounge sofa
  • 2 bedrooms for up to 6 persons

Our mobile homes

Roan Camping Holidays offers you a choice of various types of mobile homes, with either two or three bedrooms. Our mobile homes all come with good, sturdy beds of 2.00 metres long (in our Supreme mobile homes, the beds are even 2.10 metres long) and include free single duvets (synthetic, measuring 1.40 x 2.00 metres) and pillows. All you need to bring are your own fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases. However, if you prefer, you can hire your (bed) linen from us. This will save room in the car and make space for other things you may want to take on holiday with you!

Our most luxurious mobile home is the Supreme Lounge model. This mobile home has some excellent features, including a large, covered, wooden decking, complete with a comfortable, deluxe lounge sofa. Our Supreme Lounge also has its own Wi-Fi network, dishwasher and a Nespresso coffee machine.

New since 2016

New since 2016 is our Prestige Lounge mobile home. This luxury three-bedroomed mobile home is equipped with a large, partially-covered decking (lockable) with comfortable lounge sofa and deluxe floating parasol. The Prestige Lounge comes with top-of-the-range garden furniture consisting of four adjustable seats, three tub chairs and a deluxe sun lounger. The Prestige Lounge mobile home has everything you need to make your holiday as relaxing and comfortable as possible!

We are also added extra features to even more Excellent Lounge, Casa Royal Lounge, Verde Lounge and Casa Adria Lounge mobile homes. These fabulous new additions include a luxury lounge sofa on the decking plus a floating parasol.

All our mobile homes also come with a free charcoal or gas barbecue or griddle. The Supreme Lounge model is equipped with an XL griddle.

Our mobile homes