Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently asked questions

We are keeping a close eye on developments associated with the spread of Coronavirus, with the health and safety of our customers as our number one priority. Thank you for your patience, and in the meantime if you have questions about your situation, please review our answers to some common questions below.

Due to enormous crowds, our opening hours have been temporarily adjusted, under the heading 'contact' in the main menu you will find our opening hours. We will answer your mail as soon as possible, you don't have to contact us about this.

Is a camping holiday a safe way to spend a holiday?
Yes, it is! Camping holidays are a safe way to spend a holiday and have a number of important advantages:
- They mainly take place outdoors
- You have the space around your own accommodation
- In most cases you have your own sanitary facilities
- Most camping destinations are easy to reach by car. In case of an emergency, you will be home within 12 to 15 hours and you are not dependent on other transport.

Where can I check the latest status of the travel advice issued for a particular destination?
We advise you to keep an eye on the website of Foreign Affairs:

Arrivals from 15 June and later
All campsites are already fully open.

Facilities at the camping 
Because of the Corona virus there is a chance that facilities are more limited available and/or open. Unfortunately we cannot give you a refund, should it turn out that you are unable to make use of certain facilities during your holiday.

Measures at the camping
Given the current situation in which we find ourselves, we would like to draw your attention here to a number of measures that have been taken that contribute to the safety of everyone.

Corona measures per country
Due to an increase in the infection rate of the Corona virus, the Government of Great Britain has decided the following: Guests from Great Britain are required to spend 14 days in quarantine if they return from one of the following countries: Spain, France, the Netherlands, Croatia and Austria.

Given the current situation we are in, we would like to draw your attention to the measures taken per country that contribute to the safety of everyone. We will of course keep a close eye on the adjustments per country in order to provide correct and complete information. Always follow the advice of the national or regional authorities of the country in which you are staying.

Italy introduced the following measure as of yesterday evening: Everyone must wear a mouth mask. This applies to everyone, all guests of all nationalities. People who have stayed in Croatia and Spain during the 14 days prior to their arrival in Italy are required to: submit to a certificate to the competent authorities, stating that they have undergone a molecular or antigenic test, to be carried out by means of a swab, within 72 hours prior to entering the Italian national territory, with negative results.

In France wearing a mouth mask is compulsory in the municipalities of Agde, Marseillan, Vias and Portiragnes. Groups larger than 10 people are forbidden. 


Cashless payments
We ask you to pay the deposit and/or tourist tax as much as possible cashless. At most campsites you can pay by a payment request sent by our couriers to you by sms or email. Do you still want to pay cash? Then there is for example an envelope in which you can put the amount.

Can I travel through countries that still have code orange or go on holiday there?
It is possible to travel through and to countries that have code orange, but please check your travel insurance if you are insured in case you unexpectedly end up in hospital during your trip or vacation.

Suppose I'm on holiday abroad and the travel advice goes from code yellow to orange and a lockdown has been announced?
If you are on holiday by car, you should make sure that you travel home again at that time. In that case you have a big advantage that you have your own transport. If you travel by plane, you will have to make sure that you get back home in any way you want. Roan Camping Holidays does not give a refund if it appears that your holiday has to be interrupted in the meantime. We advise you to check your insurance to see if you are covered by code orange. 

Can I rebook my holiday to another destination?
Do you have any doubts about your trip? Then you can make use of our rebooking scheme. If you choose a different destination this year than originally booked, you can make use of our rebooking scheme. We use the prices that were valid on your booking date. If your travel sum becomes more expensive, then you pay and your travel sum is cheaper than we charge a cancellation fee of 30% over the difference. After payment we will convert this into a voucher, so you can cash in the calculated cancellation costs as a discount on your next holiday. If you have chosen another destination, please contact our reservations department to adjust your holiday. You cannot change your destination online.

Can I rebook my holiday to 2021?
If, despite everything, you hesitate to go on holiday this year, you have until Thursday 25 June to change your holiday to 2021. After this date it is unfortunately no longer allowed to change to 2021. The current campsites and their prices can be found on our website. To arrange this for you, please contact us by e-mail or phone. Make sure you have your details to hand and clearly indicate the date you wish to book. You have until 1 February to change your date/destination free of charge, we understand that not everyone knows yet when you will be on holiday in 2021. Your balance payment is only due in 2021. Have you emailed us on or before June 25, but haven't received a response yet? Of course we will keep the date of the mail to see if you qualify for the rebooking scheme.

Do I have to make my final payment while it is still uncertain whether my holiday will go ahead?
According to our travel conditions, you must pay the final payment 8 weeks before arrival. Did you make a booking with arrival until July 31st? Then the final payment may be made 3 weeks before the arrival date. If you go on holiday on the 1st of August or later, we would like to receive your payment 4 weeks before arrival. You will not receive an adjusted confirmation, you may keep this date yourself.

I no longer want to go on holiday. Can I cancel my holiday because of the Corona virus?
Then normally the normal cancellation conditions apply. Because of the Corona virus, we have made it more flexible and regardless of the cancellation date, we will not charge you more than 30% cancellation fees. We will charge this cancellation fee over the entire travel sum.

If I have rebooked my holiday to 2021 and I decide to cancel anyway?
If you cancel your 2021 trip before the 1st of February it will be free of charge, but we will charge you 30% cancellation fee for your already cancelled holiday in 2020. If you cancel your 2021 trip after 1 February 2021, the regular cancellation conditions will apply, which you can find in our travel conditions.

If Roan cancels my holiday now, am I entitled to a voucher?
No, you are no longer entitled to a voucher. At this moment you can travel abroad. Due to the Corona virus we have decided at some campings not to open or the campings has decided this itself. We will then offer you an equivalent or better alternative at another camping. If you are not interested, you can convert your holiday to 2021. 

I canceled myself because of Corona and now it appears that I can change the holiday to another date in 2021. Can I reverse and rebook my cancellation?
Yes you can. At the latest until Thursday June 25th we will give you the opportunity to book to 2021. This applies to cancellations between 15 March and 25 June. 

Corona Voucher
If you have received a voucher from Roan Camping Holidays, you can use it to pay for a trip with a later arrival date. The voucher is valid for one year from the time of issue and can be used for all trips from the Roan Camping Holiday and Go4camp offer. Your holiday must take place before 31 December 2021.

Within 1 year from the date of issue, you can book your next holiday and redeem your voucher. The arrival date needs to be in 2020 or 2021. If you receive the voucher on the 1st of April, you have until the 1st of April 2021 to book a new holiday arriving in the year 2020 or 2021.

I would like to redeem my Corona voucher. How does this work?
You can make a new booking by our website. If you make the booking with the same email address as your cancelled holiday, our booking system will recognize your customer details and your voucher will automatically be shown on the payment screen.

Refunds not possible
We understand very well that you may have a preference for a refund of the travel sum paid. However, the circumstances are so exceptional that we have opted for an exceptional solution.

Does my cancellation insurance cover the costs if I cancel?
You can contact your travel cancellation insurance company regarding questions about cancellations connected with the Coronavirus. The conditions for this differ per insurance company.