The best games to play in the car

The best games to play in the car

Roan Camping Holidays | 12/20/21 |

Fun games to play on the way to the campsite

Get away from it all and enjoy your well-deserved holiday together with the family. Of course, it takes a while before you actually reach your destination, but with a few fun and simple games, the mood will stay up and the car journey will fly by!

Take a look at this special Roan games page and choose one of the following games for on the go.

Game 1 I spy with my little eye...
An old but still very entertaining game for on the road. The idea of this game is that you say: 'I spy with my little eye and the colour is...', then you choose a certain object inside or outside the car and the others in the car take turns guessing. The person who gives the correct answer may then choose an object after which the others can guess again.

Game 2 Invent a new word with the last letter
With this game, you need to keep your mind on the matter. At least it distracts you from the long journey. In this game, someone starts by saying a random word, for example 'bag'. The last letter is 's' and the next word must start with this. The next person can say, for example, 'sock' and the next word must begin with a 'k'.

This word game also has different variants so it won't get boring any time soon. For example, you can divide the game into different categories. You can think of car brands, place names and animals.

Game 3 Who or what am I?
For this game you need a paper and a pen. Someone writes a person or an occupation on a piece of paper and passes it on to the others. For example, you can choose to be a fireman or a famous Dutch person. During the game, one person does not get to see the sheet. This person has to guess who or what he/she is by asking questions, until someone gives the right answer, then the next one is allowed.

car-family games

Game 4 Recognise car brands and colours
This game certainly provides the necessary entertainment on the road. For younger children, you can include a particular colour in the game. For example: 'How many red cars do you count from now on? That way your children will learn how to count and recognise certain colours at the same time.

With older children, you can change this game into recognising certain car brands. In this way you teach your children to recognise certain shapes and logos of cars.

Game 5 Licence plate-bingo
A very fun game. It does require some preparation. Before you start, print out a number of sheets with all the numbers up to and including 100. So you add a zero to the numbers 1 to 9.

When you are on your way, hand out these sheets. Now the idea is that everyone searches for the numbers in the licence plates. When you have found a certain number, you cross it out. You have to keep playing this game until someone manages to cross out all the numbers. Bingo!

license plate

Game 6 Recognise foreign number plates
Especially when you go abroad, you can play this game with your children. First, teach them which number plates belong to which countries and then they can recognise certain number plates themselves. If you want to make it a bit more difficult, have your children count the number of number plates as well.

Game 7 Make as many words as possible from one word
This is another fun word game for when you're on the road. Point out someone in the car who starts with a word. An example is 'playgrounds'. Then take turns to name a word which you can make up from the letters of the word mentioned earlier. For example, from 'playgrounds' you can make 'garden', 'play', 'peel' and 'rubble'. When nobody has an answer left, you can make up a new word.


Game 8 Guess the animal
In this game you imagine an animal. You are not allowed to act or say anything. Then the others can ask questions which you can answer with 'yes' or 'no'. When the animal has been guessed, the next player can imagine an animal.

Game 9 Find the banana
This game is fun to play with the whole family. You will notice that the parents will be just as enthusiastic as the children. How does it work? Every time you see a yellow vehicle on the road you shout 'BANANA'. You get 1 point for a car/truck and 2 points for a car or truck in combination with a trailer. The fun part of this game is that you can play it throughout the whole journey by car.

Yellow Car

Game 10 Games for breaks
To keep your spirits up on the road, it's important to stretch your legs when you take a break at the campsite. No matter how tempted you are to get back in the car as soon as possible after that necessary visit to the toilet, don't do it! Before the holiday, make sure you stop by the shop for a few small things and really take some time out for each other. Think of a game of bocce, cube, kerbstone, marbles, blowing bubbles, skipping ropes or pavement chalk.

These games will make the car journey a lot quicker and you will be at your holiday destination in no time, enjoying your well-deserved camping holiday.

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