Our Park Managers!

On arrival, the guests are received by the Roan park managers*. Mostly it’s a Dutch couple (English speaking). These are people who know their responsibility well and in most cases also have children and grandchildren of their own. Thus, park managers that not only have a life experience but also have experience with Roan, as many of the Roan park managers have already been working for us for many years now. Therefore, they know their job very well and often go that extra step for the guests to make their stay comfortable.
The children can choose a cycle (where available) when they arrive at the campsite. One also gets to enjoy a nice cold beer, a soft drink or a cup of coffee. On arrival, our park managers also give all the information about the holiday destination, if the guests request for the same. After this warm welcome, the guests are accompanied to their accommodation which of course is extremely clean and well equipped.
But there is more. Our park managers can give information not only about things such as the closest supermarket and petrol station but also about the surrounding area! They have already explored the area themselves, of course, and therefore know first hand about the most exciting, beautiful and pleasant outings for the whole family.
As many as 83% of Roan park managers that worked in 2011 were experienced people. They had been with us for at least a year or more. Our guests rate the Roan park managers with an average of 8.1 points. Which other organization can compete with that?
In Croatia, there are local park managers who speak English. A number of Croatian park managers who worked for Roan last year, are back with us in 2012 too. So in this case too, park managers with an experience with Roan!

* With the exception of campsite Tonnara