Our Park Managers!

On every campsite, you will fi nd our own Roan representatives. Our representatives are mainly Dutch couples (they speak English), who are older than 45 years and who have had plenty of life experience plus Roan experience! Often, these couples return year in and year out at the same campsite! All our Roan representatives have been professionally trained.

On arrival, our Roan representatives are always there to welcome you with a refreshing cold drink and then personally accompany you to your accommodation. They are always available for any questions or other practical matters, including information about the area, so please feel free to contact them! They are also there to help you in emergencies, for instance, if you need a doctor, a dentist or a garage. The reception tent off ers a wealth of information about the area, sightseeing tips, excursions and restaurants.

In Croatia, your contact representatives are Croatians, who speak excellent English and German and at campsite Tonnara by representatives.

We always welcome you with a smile!

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