Your personal camping welcome!

When you arrive at your destination, you will be warmly welcomed by our own staff! Our own Roan camping staff is present at every campsite. These are mostly Dutch couples older than 45 years. People with a lot of life experience and often also years of Roan experience. Our campsite staff sometimes returns to the same campsite for years; they know the campsite inside out. All Roan campsite employees have had professional training.

Enthusiasm and experience are the Roan staff's trump cards; experience in their own lives, mostly with children and often grandchildren, and experience with the ins and outs of a camping holiday.

We always welcome you with a smile! 

Get acquainted with a cold drink, tell them who is who and where to find everything on the campsite and then walk together to your bungalow tent, lodge tent or mobile home. If you need information about the surroundings or other practical matters, you can always call on them. They will also be there for you if you need, for example, a doctor, dentist or a garage. Our staff are also familiar with the area and have a lot of practical information about the surroundings or interesting tips for visits and excursions in the region. Be sure to drop by during a reception hour or check out the collected tips on sights, trips and restaurants in the reception tent.

It is therefore not surprising that most of the positive reactions we receive each year after the holiday are related to the services of our staff at the campsite.

On most campsites, Dutch speaking teams are usually on hand, but in Croatia you will be welcomed by Croatian campsite staff who speak excellent English and/or German. In Croatia it is a legal obligation to use local people.

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Staff at each campsite

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