Experienced travel specialists

Experienced travel specialists

Roan's travel specialists have generally been working with us for many years. Unlike many other campsite organisations, we go on a study tour every year and have built up a lot of 'campsite knowledge'.

No question is too crazy for us!

We are all camping enthusiasts and often go on holiday in our own Roan accommodation. So we get to know the campsites and our accommodation through and through. You can always speak to someone who has been to the campsite of your choice. A better advice you can't get!

No question is too crazy for us! And we don't know something right away? It is a very small effort for us to call our campsite staff on site or put a specific question about accommodation to our own product team. Our travel specialists are available for you both by phone and e-mail during our extensive opening hours! Feel free to call or email us at any time.

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