Campsites near Movieland

Campsites near Movieland in Italy

Visit Movieland amusement park in the CanevaWorld resort on Lake Garda. At this park, you can experience more than twenty unique attractions with a Hollywood theme. Moreover, there are also more than ten shows with more than 40 artists to admire. During these shows, cool stunts take place that will amaze you. In any case, you will not be bored at Movieland!

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Pool complex with slides and a water playground at Roan camping Cisano San Vito.
Cisano/San Vito

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - Cisano

  • Nice swimming pools on both campsites
  • Full entertainment programme at Cisano
  • Near the quaint villages of Lazise and Bardolino

Mobile homes

(9 types available)
Tue 24 Sep - Tue 01 Oct
from 384.00
Overview of the swimming pool at Roan camping La Rocca Manerba.
La Rocca Manerba

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - Manerba del Garda

  • Nice swimming pool with lawns and sun loungers
  • Tents on shady pitches near the swimming pool
  • Charming town of Montinelle is a short walk away

Lodge tents

(1 types available)
Thu 25 Jul - Thu 01 Aug
from 1,417.30
Overview swimming pool at Roan camping Delle Rose.
Park Delle Rose

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - Lazise

  • Pool complex with various baths and slides
  • Lodge tents right by the swimming pool
  • Nice amusement parks nearby

Lodge tents

(1 types available)
Tue 30 Jul - Tue 06 Aug
from 1,522.60
Overview of swimming pools at Roan camping Del Garda.
Del Garda

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - Peschiera del Garda

  • 2 lovely pools with children's bath
  • All lodge tents near swimming pool and lake
  • Quaint towns of Lazise and Sirmione nearby

Lodge tents

(1 types available)
Sat 17 Aug - Sat 24 Aug
from 1,126.00
Overview of swimming pools at Roan camping Bella Italia.
Bella Italia

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - Peschiera del Garda

  • Huge pool complex with 8 swimming pools
  • Plenty of facilities for guests of all ages
  • Great restaurants with amazing views of Lake Garda

Mobile homes

(8 types available)
Tue 08 Oct - Sat 12 Oct
from 354.00
Swimming pool at Roan camping Piantelle.

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - Moniga del Garda

  • Pool at large playing field and new water playground!
  • Accommodations within walking distance of pool
  • The historic village of Salò is located nearby

Mobile homes

(4 types available)
Thu 22 Aug - Sat 31 Aug
from 1,863.00


(1 types available)
Mon 02 Sep - Mon 09 Sep
from 351.00

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - Lazise

  • Fine swimming pool with slides and whirlpool
  • Stunning view of Lake Garda from the terrace
  • Caneva World amusement park just 200 m away

Lodge tents

(1 types available)
Mon 05 Aug - Mon 12 Aug
from 1,615.30
Kids in the pool at Roan Camping Butterfly.

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - Peschiera del Garda

  • Fine swimming pool and kiddies' pool with slides
  • Mobile homes located next to the swimming pool
  • Lovely Peschiera del Garda within walking distance

Mobile homes

(3 types available)
Mon 09 Sep - Mon 16 Sep
from 810.50
Overview lagoon pool with slides and water slides at Roan camping Altomincio.
Altomincio Family Park

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - Valeggio sul Mincio

  • Massive pool complex with various slides
  • Mobile homes arranged in attractive rows
  • Picturesque Peschiera just 10 minutes away

Mobile homes

(6 types available)
Sat 07 Sep - Sat 14 Sep
from 539.00
Slides at Roan camping Eden.

Italy - Northern Italy - Lake Garda - San Felice del Benaco

  • 2 swimming pools with fun water features
  • Most mobile homes near the pool with slides
  • Quaint picturesque Porto Portese located nearby

Mobile homes

(3 types available)
Sat 24 Aug - Sat 31 Aug
from 1,372.00

The special attractions you can find in Movieland include real thrillrides such as roller coaster Diabolik or freefall towers Hollywood Tower and Space Mission Orbit. Furthermore, there are also plenty of attractions to experience for the whole family. For example, take a tour through supercontinent Pangea and come face to face with dinosaurs or brave prehistoric waterfalls in Troncosaurus. Not scared? Then visit The Horror House: Holmes Hotel.

Camp near CanevaWorld's Movieland on Lake Garda 

Visiting Movieland from a nearby campsite is highly recommended if you want to relax after a day at the theme park. Several days to Movieland is of course also a possibility. Movieland is located in the southeast of the famous Lake Garda. Here you will find Camping Belvedere just 650 metres away. A little further away you will find Camping Lido and Camping Park Delle Rose. From these two campsites, Movieland is about 15 to 20 minutes' walk away. Staying at other campsites around the south-eastern part of Lake Garda, you can also get to the theme park in a short time. From the west of Lake Garda, Movieland is only an hour's drive away. 

At the campsites around Lake Garda, as in Movieland, you will not be bored at all. All campsites guarantee lots of water fun because they have their own swimming pools with sometimes even slides. There are also many facilities at the campsites that will make your holiday at Lake Garda complete.

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Visit CanevaWorld's theme park: Movieland The Hollywood Park in Italy. Enjoy blood-curdling shows and sensational rides like you've never seen before. Recuperate at the campsite after a busy day and just go again the next day! Also be sure to visit Caneva Aquapark at CanevaWorld during your camping holiday. You can even buy combination tickets for this together with Movieland.

Booking a camping holiday with Roan guarantees high-quality service. The Roan campsites have their own staff who will do everything to make your holiday unforgettable. Book your campsite near Movieland now.